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      “House” , a short but meaningful word. Referring to “house”, We will think about a True Love, Warmth, Care and Sincere... With our love upon all valued customers, we named this place lighting house.


Light up living - passing the happiness forward by creating the best environment for living, including aesthetic and function.


      We want to share the most impressive lighting experience to everyone, especially to all our valued customers.       With our 30 years of experience in the lighting industry, we truely believe that “Lightinghouse” can become more than just another... “Lighting Showroom”, where you can buy a lighting product, but also ... “School”, where you can learn some new knowledge about lighting, “Stylist”, where you can update the newest lighting trends of the world, “Gallery”, where you can get many new ideas and inspirations, and a “House”, where you can feel comfortable from our love and sincerity.


every letter of lightinghouse has their own meaning; “L” for Love our customer, “I” for Initiative thinking, “G” for Good taste, “H” for Helpful, “T” for Trustworthy, “I” for Ingenuous, “N” for Neat, “G” for Gentle, “H” for Humble, “O” for Optimistic, “U” for Understanding, “S” for Service minded, “E” for Enlighten people.


      The legacy of Lightinghouse and BURGUNDY GRANDE started way back in 1982 from a small shop in Wattuk, near Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand.       The company was named after the founder’s surname, “Tungskunthong”, known as “Sakulthong Electric”       .After several years of selling spare parts and electric equipments, the company started to grow. However, the founder made a decision to move into a lighting business instead, searching for new opportunities.       In 1991, located nearby “Sakulthong Electric”, the first “Lightinghouse” was established and started to import lighting products for the first time.       In 1998, “Lightinghouse (Thonglor)” was established on Thonglor soi 21, and became very successful because of the way we do business which provides our customers with good quality products, good price and factual information.       In 2009, Lightinghouse, again, took a huge step forward by introducing “BURGUNDY GRANDE” on Thonglor soi 10, which promised all valued customers the most high-end luxurious lightings from world class brandnames.
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